IWFWawardAs all ladies know, a bikini is something that cannot be scrutinized enough, and is something a woman must love to wear. Searching high and low, checking boutiques, designers and her own friends, Tami could not find such an article that looked good while helping the environment. It was in that moment that the Tami B line was created. Tami B’s debut in the fashion world came in 2008 when the company was invited to Islands of the World Fashion Week.

What began as a small swimwear line in 2008 has since developed into TAMI B, an international luxury swimwear brand on the rise. Tami B Swimwear is best known for its commitment to protecting the natural environment and working towards a more sustainable future.

Tami B’s overall plan for eco-efficiency is based on the concept of designing, manufacturing and delivering products using fewer resources and creating less waste and pollution. The company always strives to do more with less. Each piece is designed using an exquisite combination of sustainable & eco friendly materials that are hand embellished, transforming the TAMI B line into a luxurious cutting-edge swimwear product. Our swimwear line is made with top quality materials.

While swimwear remains the foundation of the company’s beginning, the company has expanded to offer a “Lifestyle” collection of swimwear & beach accessories designed to meet the style demands of our fashion forward clients.


Tami B Designs is the swimwear label created by designer Tamiko Browne. Tamiko was declared the 2008 Next Generation Designer, Culture & Fashion Award Winner of the inaugural Islands of the World Fashion Week.

This prestigious award was chosen by a panel of judges which included celebrities such as Nick Verreos, Nole’ Marin, Peter Nygard, Susan Stein and Alphadi. Also, Tami B is a 2009 Caribbean Fashion Award Nominee.

Her innovative approach to the modern bikini has captured the attention of women who are looking for that island vibe. The designs are sexy, flirty and sophisticated. The fabrics are recycled, eco friendly and sustainable. Originally from the United States, Tami has been immersed in Island culture for more than a decade after marrying her husband who is from the beautiful island of St. Vincent. As a child and young adult, she spent years traveling the world as part of a military family & serving in the military herself. Through this experience, she has developed an eye for design and an innate fashion sense.

Without any formal training, Tami has created a line that bridges the gap for women who are inspired by the past and who re-invent the future while being environmentally conscious. She has moved the collection beyond just swimwear adding gorgeous cover-ups, caftans and dresses creating the ultimate tropical wardrobe. Tami designs swimwear for the creative and daring fashion forward woman who is trendsetting and jet-setting around the world. She is a leader in fashion and isn’t afraid to be ferociously glamorous.

In just over a year since the launch of Tami B; it has become a household name international as a luxury swimwear brand.

“Every day I look forward to the unspoiled, pristine nature of St. Vincent’s north coast as backdrops to accentuate the exotic tropical tones of my new swimwear line. The waters of the Caribbean, picturesque sunsets, the movement of Island life coupled with the spirituality of its culture are all tools for the development of the Tami B style. The Tami B style is a Carnival of color from lush green forest to warm sunshine yellows. From glimmering gold highlights, core shimmering plain colors, to botanical influences with a mixing of textures and colors, and different fabrics, my collection achieves some unexpected effects.

My style features the contrast of warm and cool tones against your skin. To exotic and wild prints and trims, which set a glamorous oasis. Rich colors, textures, opulence & fine detailing, textural finishes & superb exclusive designs are those things which define the Tami B Style,”
–Tamiko Browne